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You have questions about moving your vehicle?

We have answers!

We've compiled a list of the most frequent questions that we receive below.  If you still can't find the answer, or want to talk to us directly, call or email us now!

  • How do you determine my shipping quote?
    There's a LOT of factors that determine shipping rates. The most important are: DISTANCE: The distance between your pickup and delivery locations is the biggest single factor for determining your shipping rate. LOCATION: Accessibility for your pickup and delivery locations is also important. Areas that present a danger to your vehicle include confined/compact spaces, low-hanging trees or bridges, and narrow roads. Remote areas that are far from major carrier routes typically more time to transport and cost more. DRIVER AVAILABILITY: Carriers have different amounts of cars that they can carry, and they travel constantly. We work to match you with an available carrier that fits your vehicle requirements and delivery dates. Fuel and oil prices, road or weather conditions, your vehicle's condition, and travel restrictions also play a significant role in how much carriers will require to move your vehicle.
  • What do I do to prepare my car for shipping?
    Make sure that it is clean. If you choose to leave your personal items inside the car, ensure that your items are not stored in the trunk, back seat, or other visible area. If your car is operable, it should be shipped with no more than a quarter tank of gas.
  • How do I get priority shipping on my vehicle?
    Green Cheetah incentivizes carriers with the fairest brokerage fee in the industry. This ensures faster pick up times for your vehicle. There are many variables in transportation, including traffic, weather, and carrier mechanical issues. We guarantee honesty and transparency throughout your move.
  • Can companies really guarantee door to door shipping?
    The short answer is NO. Carriers can accommodate door to door shipping in many situations. However your carrier may experience obstacles such as low hanging tree branches, streets inaccessible to 55-75 foot long vehicles, or city ordinances restricting his or her movement. In these cases, your carrier will meet you in a truck friendly area; you can also grant him or her permission to drive your vehicle directly to the destination. If you elect for this minor inconvenience, it will trump any possible damage that may occur to your vehicle and our equipment.
  • How is my vehicle safeguarded during transport?
    Here are several industry wide protocols to ensure the safest move possible for your vehicle: 1. The carrier takes pictures of your vehicle before and after delivery, from the under carriage to the very top. 2. Ramps, ramp extensions, and lifts are used for vehicles with low ground clearance. 3. Vehicles are secured at four points with Department of Transportation (DoT) Approved safety straps. 4. Straps are checked for tightness at each stop your carrier makes. 5. All Green Cheetah Carriers are DoT Compliant.
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