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Pit Stop Review: Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

It's easy to find a place to fuel up your vehicle and your belly. There are hundreds of locally owned convenience stores, franchises, and chains across the United States. But there's one travel stop that stands far above the rest. I look for Love's when I'm travelling because I know that I'll have a great experience. It's a good feeling to have when I see that bright red heart in the sky; my home away from home!

Clean and Orderly All Around

I've never seen a dirty or disorderly Love's. At most, the bathroom needs a touchup after a charter bus rolls through the area. For those that use the showers, these are also always clean. Items are stocked and organized. I know that when I walk in, I can find exactly what I'm looking for. The Love's grounds and parking lot are generally clean with plenty of parking spaces; brightly illuminated parking areas when I need to see, and safe areas that I can park to sneak a nap in. From Arizona to Virginia, I've stopped at my fair share of travel stops. Love's wins every time!


German Shepard
Let Me Play!

Love's has a great professional Rewards program, mechanical service, and WiFi. Most travel stops now have dog parks, which are perfect for my German Shepard mix who loves road trips but also loves getting out of the car. Love's Fresh-To-Go offerings also give me a healthy and tasty alternative when I'm hangry and need fuel fast.

Did You Know?

Love's also has hotels franchised across the United States. They also donate to every community that they build a travel stop in, and they have raised over $31M for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals over the last few decades.

Now I can really feel at home with good people - thanks Love's!

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