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There are a lot of factors that determine shipping costs. We discuss a few main factors below, namely COVID-19 restrictions, weather conditions, driver availability, and fuel prices, and how it affects your shipment. 

Our Green Team knows how to help you make the most informed decision about your vehicle shipping needs. Even if you decide not to use Green Cheetah for your shipment, we still help you navigate through your questions and concerns.

Green Cheetah was developed out of a desire for great service, real transparency, and more expertise. Click here to learn more about us.



Local, state, and national restrictions for COVID-19 are relatively new issues that affect the supply chain. Restricted movement across the country changes where drivers can deliver and ship. These same restrictions also change driver availability with individual illness, driver company policies, and driver services that are available on interstate routes.

Hurricane Map


The weather plays a huge role in how quickly your shipment gets confirmed and delivered. Some delivery routes become treacherous or inaccessible during the winter. Other routes, typically in the South and West United States, stay open year round. Major weather disasters, such as hurricanes, tornados, floods, and wildfires, also cause major shipping delays.

Image by Oscar Nilsson


Driver Availability refers to the individual's personal availability that transports vehicles. It also refers to the amount of drivers on a particular route and the likelihood of a driver choosing your vehicle to ship. Yes, they choose you! If your shipping quote is priced competitively, which Green Cheetah negotiates, then the best driver is ready to ship for you! 

Diesel Gas


Gas prices effect everyone on a personal level. Diesel and oil prices also have a large influence on shipping and distribution. Higher oil prices, usually determined by crude oil price per barrel, equate to higher fuel prices. In turn, this causes higher operating costs for independent drivers and companies. We monitor oil prices to give you the most up-to-date information. 

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